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5 Ways to Increase Your Home Security While on Vacation

Home Security

Your bags are packed, and your tickets are booked, but what about protecting your home while you’re out on your next adventure of a lifetime? Look no further for our top five ways to increase your home security while on vacation.

1) Deter Burglars

You don’t want to end up being part of a crime statistic, so it’s important before you jet set off to vacation that you do the most when it comes to deterring burglars from your property. Although it’s always an option to sell your house as-is to avoid repairs, that probably isn’t something you want when planning your next big trip overseas.

  • Install a home security system to not only add property value, but also to stop burglars from attempting any funny business
  • Arrange for lawn care or snow removal while you’re away
  • Utilize timers for lights inside and out
  • Stop newspaper and mail delivery while you’re away
  • Remove spare keys hidden outside your home
  • Do a double check that all doors and windows are securely locked before leaving (including your garage door or door from the garage into the house)

2) Go Smart

Utilize smart technology to make your home more safeguarded when you’re away on vacation. Think about adding a smart lock, which makes it easier for a friend or neighbor to check up on the house, or consider adding a smart doorbell for easy surveillance.

3) Avoid Fire & Floods

It’s always important before you leave your home-sweet-home for any extended time that you do what you can to limit your risk of fire and flooding. If traveling during the winter months, be sure to keep your heating on to at least 55 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid pipes freezing and bursting. Another good tip is to be sure gutters and storm drains are cleared to avoid a backup and subsequent flood. Also, consider turning off the water main to the home to stop any unwanted sprinkles in the event a pipe does give way.

Limit your risk of fire by unplugging any unnecessary items like small kitchen appliances. It’s also a good idea to unplug any technology items, such as a television or computer, to save your items in the event of a power surge.

4) Get a Trusting Friend

Simply letting a neighbor you trust know you’ll be leaving town, or having a friend or family member swing by a couple of times can easily increase your home security while you’re away. There is no security like actual human interaction with your property. Even a quick few minutes of their time can help!

5) Keep a Low Profile

We know it’s easy to want to brag to friends and family on social media about the big adventure you’re embarking on, but keeping a low profile on social media can help keep your home safer while away. Don’t advertise about your trip until you’ve returned, and it could save you some serious headache.

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