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Say bye-bye to Period Rashes: The Best Rash-Free Pads in India today

best rash-free pads

Sanitary pads are vital products that allow women to manage their monthly menstrual flow without disrupting their daily lives. However, regular sanitary pads often contain materials, fragrances, and chemicals that can cause rashes and create a burning or itching sensation.

One of the main reasons why women around the world have a bad experience with regular sanitary pads is due to the manufacturing process of the pad itself and switching to chemical-free sanitary pads can help in mitigating rashes.

In this blog, we’re going to take a look at why regular sanitary pads cause rashes and can lead to other more serious health problems and why you should consider switching to the best rash-free sanitary pads in India.

Regular Sanitary Pads and Period Rashes

There are a number of reasons why regular sanitary pads cause rashes. The medical term for rashes is contact dermatitis, which is caused when your skin comes in contact with something irritating. And the bad news is that regular sanitary pads contain a lot of different substances and materials that can be irritating for your skin.

Here are some of the substances that are used in regular sanitary pads which can cause rashes:

  • The cotton used in regular sanitary pads is not organically grown in most cases. During the growing phase, the cotton may be treated with herbicides and pesticides. Additionally, the cotton is often bleached using a chemical called dioxin that can be toxic when you’re exposed to it for a prolonged duration of time. 
  • Polyolefins are a group of compounds that are used to make the back sheets of regular sanitary pads. These compounds can aggravate the skin and cause irritation and rashes when you use regular sanitary pads.  
  • The top sheet of regular sanitary pads also contain polyolefins such as zinc oxide and petrolatum which can also cause irritation or rashes.  
  • Lastly, a lot of regular sanitary pads contain added fragrances and adhesive that can cause increased irritation and rashes, especially when you have sensitive skin.  

Other than just the substances and compounds of regular sanitary pads, there might be other causes for rashes such as using the wrong kind of pads. While switching to rash-free sanitary pads might work for you, you should consult with a doctor in case you experience severe rashes and irritation as it might be the symptom of an underlying health condition.

Other health problems that can be caused by regular sanitary pads

Chemical-free sanitary pads can not only help in preventing rashes but also in saving you from a number of other serious health problems and conditions that can be caused by using regular sanitary pads. 

For example, regular sanitary pads come with an increased risk when it comes to vaginal infections. The synthetic linings and plasticizers used in regular sanitary pads such as BPA can actually result in an increased risk of being exposed to yeasts and bacteria. In the worst cases, if left untreated, the infections can enter the bloodstream and cause serious health problems such as severe septic shock. 

Regular sanitary pads also contain substances which are called super absorbent polymers (SAP) which are usually petroleum by-products. Some of the common problems caused by SAPs include rashes, allergies, skin reactions, issues with reproduction, and also toxic shock syndrome. 

Lastly, the fragrances used in regular sanitary pads include compounds known as phthalates which are associated with causing disruption in the endocrine levels and can cause problems with the reproductive functions. 

By switching to organic rash-free sanitary pads, you are not just reducing the risks of suffering from rashes during your period but signing up to be a healthier you! 

Noraa organic rash-free sanitary pads 

Noraa is dedicated to providing chemical-free sanitary pads that are manufactured to be completely organic and biodegradable and designed to provide comfort and rash-free experience to women. 

Certified by FDA, Noraa organic rash free sanitary pads contain no chemicals and no plastics. Here are some reasons why Noraa is considered to manufacture the best rash-free pads in India today:

  • The materials used to create Noraa sanitary pads are 100% organic. The cotton is grown without the use of any pesticides and contains no dioxin. The material is not only gentle on your skin but also super comfortable to use for extended periods of time. 
  • As only organic ingredients are used in the manufacture of the pads, they maintain the PH-level which further aids in avoiding any disease. By maintaining the perfect PH-level, Noraa pads also reduce the chances of experience rashes. 
  • Noraa organic pads are also 100% biodegradable which means they do not contribute to the pollution and plastic waste. By using these sanitary pads, you ensure not only a healthier you but also a healthier planet.  
  • The sanitary pads also come with better design and include channel embossment that ensure the sanitary pads conform to your body’s movements during the days which creates a better experience during your periods. 
  • Lastly, Noraa is a brand that is committed and driven by the philosophy of “made by women, for women”. The manufacturing process directly empowers women from all walks of life and is sensitive to the actual needs of women. This is one of the key differences that make Noraa different from other manufacturers of chemical-free sanitary pads!

Say bye-bye to period rashes with Noraa

It is very unfortunate that most of the regular sanitary pads and other femine hygiene products contain chemicals and substances that are actually harmful to their bodies. Additionally, these products not only cause rashes and other health problems but also contribute to pollution as they are not biodegradable and contain plastics. 

With Noraa sanitary pads, you not only contribute to a better world and women empowerment but also make an investment to be a better you and a healthier you. Switch to Noraa sanitary pads and truly say bye-bye to period rashes and hello to a healthy and comfortable menstrual experience.

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