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Celebrities And Their Styles

Celebrities And Their Styles

Punjabi stars doesn’t have less talent than any Bollywood stars and not just their talent, but they have to make headlines with their tattoos too. Some dedicate their tattoos to their loved ones while some do it just to look stylish all the time. They wear their tattoo all the time with confidence just like their smile. The Punjabi stars have recently grabbed a lot of eyeballs with their obsession with tattoos. Here is the list of five Pollywood stars that have grabbed the most attention out of the many:


This Polywood beauty is one of the firsts among the lotto adorn her tattoo with pride. This model turned singer had first topped the new headlines with her debut single “High Standard” that was a huge hit. Later she got noticed for her creative tattoos. She had been often seen using her social media platforms to talk in lengths about the two tattoos that she has. The first tattoo is a tribute to her inspiration “Babbu Maan”, a famous Punjabi singer. The second tattoo i.e. inked on her hand is a tribute to her mother. It says “Luv Mom”. Isn’t the idea behind the tattoos adorable? she is a popular Punjabi star. She has also seen in the movie with south superstar Vijay Devarakonda


Punjabis stars

He is not only known for his good looks but also for his soothing voice. This actor is also a tattoo addict and has not just one but four tattoos. Each tattoo comes with its very own story. The first tattoo, on his left arm, is dedicated to his younger brother, Sukham. Getting his brother’s name inked is a message to all his peers that Parmish has his brother’s back for life so nobody messes with him. The other tattoo on his back is his parents’ initials. The third tattoo i.e. on his bicep says “believe” and last but not the least the tattoo on the right side of his midriff is a line from Robert Frost’s popular poem, “And Miles to go before I sleep”.  he is a famous Punjabi star


Punjabis stars

The sultry actress had already wooed the cinema world with her acting skills and now a tattoo on the ring finger has set the bar too high for her co-actors. The actress has inked “Jesus” on the ring finger denoting how blindly she believes in the Almighty and his power.


Punjabis stars

Talking of tattoos and not mention hard Sandhu would be an injustice to the ‘Naah’ fame singer. He has there tattoos. One tattoo is inked on his neck while the other two are inked on his hand. All the tattoos, needless to say, are very creative and unique. He has been seen flaunting his tattoos in all his pictures posted on his social media pages.

5.    JAZZY-B

Punjabis stars

This Punjabi singer is a bundle of talent. He has collaborated with rappers like Honey Singh and Kaur-B. He has a depiction of the famous battle that took place in Chamkaur inked on his arm. he is most popular Punjabi star in today. All hail to his dedication and creativity. Jazzy is also a good friend of Ram Pothineni

6. Ninja

Punjabis stars

Ninja has entered the industry with the songs ‘Aadat’ and ‘Channa Mereya’. He has struggled a lot before becoming successful. He is always happy about his hairstyle as it looks great and gives him a different look in his videos. He has got a great body with abs. His fans also dream of developing a body as Ninja has. he is a famous Punjabi stars Celebrity.

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