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Styles of Indian Clothing for Kids

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No discussion about fashion is complete without a mention of Indian clothing. Traditional Indian wear makes for amazing kids party wear dresses & looks good at parties, events & other social events!

Also, since these are the times of fusion, androgynous fashion, no style has to be strictly single-dimensional. Which means Indian wear can very well be fused with other styles to give rise to a different, mixed fashion.

You can do this with certain smart outfit choices, sense of color and fashion, & a basic understanding of various styles in kids fashion.

If you’re one of the parents who are extremely fashion conscious & love to set new trends everywhere you go, this mixing & matching of fashion can be extremely fun for you!

Experimenting with different flavours of styles & fashion can also help you support fashion sustainability, & make your kids sport a brand new look every place you go!

Whether it is an Ethnic dress for boys or a traditional party dress for baby girls, you can always switch over the style a little bit or entirely, with certain inspiration & styling!

If you’re planning to buy an ethnic dress for boys & little girls, & want to know the various ways you can style those at the next party or event you attend, this is just the place for you!

In this article, we bring you the 5 best ways you can wear ethnic wear as kids party wear dresses, & the different ways you can style them to give them a nice kind of twist!

Read below to find out!

1. Shirt with Traditional Long Skirt

Did you recently get your little girl a gorgeous traditional skirt, but are now worried about finding the perfect matching topwear for it? You might have ruled out long kurtas by now, as the skirt is splendid & you want others to see its beauty!

Casual tops & T-Shirts designs are definitely out, so are shaquets & short Kurtis.

You might have as well given hope until you found an elegant, formal shirt in your baby girl’s wardrobe.

Did you know that formal shirts are in fact, the best way to complement a traditional long skirt & give off a stylish, ethnic-western fusion vibe!

Pair up a formal shirt of your little girl with the traditional long skirt & get ready to have her dazzle the floor everywhere she goes!

When paired with some stylish pieces of modern jewellery, this whole look makes the best party dress for baby girls & makes her stand out from the crowd!

Check out these stylish, elegant formal shirts for baby girls here.

Also, check out a really stylish & beautiful long skirt for girls here.

2. Traditional Kurtas with Jeans

This is a long-known & well-practised trend amongst Indian boys everywhere. As the parents of a boy, this is your chance to add a little western twist to a beaten-down Ethnic dress for boys.

Traditional kurtas too, come in a variety of styles & fashion these days, & you can easily choose one that will suit your baby boy the best.

Stylish Kurtas paired up with a motley pair of denim jeans, in any colour, makes for an interesting choice of kids party wear dresses, & never fails to impress people.

Just what type & colour of jeans will go with the ethnic kurta will depend on the design & style of the kurta as well as the whole vibe you’re trying to go with!

If you wish to elevate the look further, try pairing it up with some stylish, cool jewellery & footwear that gives the entire look an ethnic-western look and feel!

Check out some stylish, designer kurtas for boys here, & pairs of some premium, designer jeans for boys here.

3. T-Shirt with Dhoti pants

This is a fairly new & quite an experimental trend was seen amongst Indian boys everywhere. From celebrities to businessmen, most stylish men around the country have been spotted wearing this ethnic-western combination.

So when celebrities are sporting a trend, it becomes only natural for us to do it too. And for parents who are always looking to up the ante with the latest styles & trends for their kids, this trend is just perfect!

All you need is a really cool, stylish casual T-Shirt & a pair of comfortable, fashionable dhoti pants.

With an interesting fashion sense & an eye for colour & styles, you can make your kid totally own & rock this look!

When done nicely & smartly, this look will make for one of the most stylish kids party wear dresses!

Check out some uber-cool & trendy T-Shirts for boys here, & some stylish dhoti pants to style with your boy’s T-Shirt here.

4. Traditional designer suit for girls

If you don’t wish to experiment with Indian wear & want to dress your baby girl in an ethnic designer suit, then you can do that too!

Ethnic designer cotton suits look elegant on your baby girl & make for the perfect party dress for baby girls when no other option seems fit.

It is a relatively safer choice, & you take the fashion high road by dressing up your little girl in a traditional designer suit for any event, gala, party or family celebration.

Not to mention that premium designer suits are the first outfit choice for most family events, celebrations & festive gatherings.

Also, when you buy a gorgeous designer suit for little girls from an established, well-known fashion label, you run less risk of the fabric being scratchy or uncomfortable for your kid.

Designer fashion labels like Rang, ensure the highest quality standards for their clothes & thereby, take care of your little girl’s delicate skin while also making her look gorgeous.

Check out some beautiful, mesmerizing ethnic designer suits for little girls here.

5. Traditional Kurta Pyjamas for boys

Just like how you’d want to go for a traditional ethnic designer suit for little girls, choosing traditional ethnic kurta pyjamas for little boys is also perfectly acceptable.

Traditional Kurta Pyjamas or dhoti pants are the perfect Ethnic dress for boys & make for great kids party wear dresses.

Designer Kurta Pyjamas & Dhoti Pants are the perfect outfit for festive occasions, family celebrations, events or formal parties, & they give an air of elegance and charm to your little boy.

Like with most kids outfits, traditional Kurta Pyjamas have also found a place in the ensembles of high fashion brands. These brands have launched premium designer ethnic dress for boys for fashion-conscious parents who love to show off their kids at any party, event or gala evening!

Have a look at some premium, designer ethnic dress for boys outfits here. Traditional Indian clothing for kids can look attractive, gorgeous & captivating at any event, party, festive gathering or celebration.They are a great choice for kids party wear dresses & give your kids an elegant, classy vibe!

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