Top 8 Advantages of Tattoo Studio Management Software

Tattoo Studio Management Software

Are you aware of the importance of tattoo studio management software? Tattoo artists should be aware of Tattoo Studio Software that is used to keep track of customers, expenses, and scheduling. In this day and age, when tattoo artists are experiencing more competition than ever before, it is important to make sure that you can offer the very best services to your tattoo clients. This means being able to manage your time more effectively. Whether you are tattooing one or hundreds of tattoo customers per month, tattoo studio management software can help you increase your profits & reduce the number of errors and mistakes that you make.

Reduce Errors and Miscalculations

In addition to increasing your profits, tattoo studio management software will help to reduce the number of errors and miscalculations that you make in the booking process. For example, did you know that a tattoo studio management software program can automatically and accurately determine the number of tattoo appointments you need to make to meet your quota? This means no more guesswork or even waiting until the last minute. With tattoo studio management software, you can tell how many tattoo appointments you need to make to make your quota.

Keep Accurate Record

There are certain things that tattoo studio management software is designed to help with, such as tracking down lost customers and refund requests. Not only does it keep accurate records of all customer data, but it also is equipped with tools to help you manage and organize your clients. You can even import images of your tattoo clients from your photo gallery into your tattoo studio management software program. This allows you to create new tattoo designs right from your tattoo studio photo gallery. No longer will you have to worry about losing an important client.

Reduce Rejection and Duplications

When Tattoo Studio Software is used correctly, it can help you to reduce the number of rejected tattoo applications. It can alert you to possible problems such as duplicate applications or tattoo design variations. It’s also great for tracking down lost paperwork, cancelling, changing, or updating applications in your tattoo studio. It is no more running back & forth to the department, checking on paperwork, and dealing with angry clients. With tattoo studio scheduling software, everything is immediately accessible, clean, and easy to use.

Software Must Match with Studio

To use tattoo studio management software, you first must download a tattoo studio scheduling software that meets your particular needs. There is a multitude of tattoo studio management software programs available to suit just about any tattoo studio’s needs. Some of these tattoo studio management software programs require web access, while others are download only. The type of tattoo studio management software you choose should depend on the type of tattoo studio you run, its needs, and the number of tattoo applications you currently have.

Create Multiple Accounts

The main feature of tattoo studio scheduling software is to allow you to quickly and accurately create and manage your tattoo artists’ hours. This is a remarkably useful feature to have, especially for tattoo studio owners with several artists under the payroll. By creating the artist hours for each artist, you can accurately calculate their working hours for each tattoo application. The application will also allow you to allocate certain artists to apply tattoo applications based on their experience and skills. By using Software for Tattoo Studio, you are also able to create multiple tattoo studio accounts for different artists, easily assigning them different applications and assign different hours to complete the tattooing process.

Manage Studio Inventory

Another important feature of using tattoo studio scheduling software is that it allows you to manage your tattoo studio inventory. Each tattoo studio might have hundreds, if not thousands, of tattoo applications already loaded into their system. When you use tattoo studio management software, you can easily add, remove, and edit tattoo applications at any time. If an artist finds an application that he or she likes, you can easily update the application so that he or she can perform tattooing on anyone without worry about leaving the tattoo studio and incurring a new client.

Create and Change Client Lists

One of the most important features that any tattoo studio management software should have is the ability to create and change client lists easily. You need to be able to create and update these lists regularly so that your tattoo artists are aware of who they are making work orders out to and how much work they are expected to complete. The best tattoo studio management software like Wellyx has the capability of creating and updating client payment slips on demand. This is important because a tattoo studio management software program should be able to handle all the accounting details for tattoo studios, such as receiving payments, tracking down clients, sending payment slip payments on time, and even doing the bookkeeping for tattoo parlours which may charge by the hour.

Create Custom Schedule

The software for tattoo studio also has the features to create your custom schedules. You can create your own “checklist”, which contains the days, times, and locations where you wish to schedule your tattoo appointments. This is helpful if you have limited space for booking appointments and do not wish to miss any sessions. It allows the artist to plan accordingly for unforeseen circumstances such as cancellations and rescheduling.

Ability to Control Cost

Finally, the most important advantage of using tattoo studio management software is its ability to control costs. Some tattoo studio management software even offers complete pricing and reporting abilities, which allows tattoo studio owners to create accurate, printable tattoo studio billing and policy information. This allows tattoo studio owners to print out customer statements, employee timecards, and paychecks, all in an easy-to-read format whenever they need. This has a huge advantage when it comes to accurately calculating tattoo studio operating costs.

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