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Zurich Bucket List: 10 Top Things to Do in Zurich, Switzerland


If you want to start your alpine adventure, start the warm-up at the city of Zurich before you actually follow the gorgeous trail to the Alps.

Or you can do it the other way around. You can start exploring the Alps and then take the necessary cool down in the beautiful city of Zurich.

It only takes about two hours of scenic road travel from Interlaken to Zurich. Although you won’t get actual alpine experience in this city, it will give you a different hip and artsy vibe that it is famous for.

If you’re visiting this side of the European region, be sure to make a stop at the wealthiest metropolis in Switzerland while carrying this curated Zurich bucket list just for you.

Unwind by Lake Zurich

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Europe is known to have extreme weather conditions. The summer season could really test your patience. But if you know exactly how to deal with the heat, worrying is just a waste of energy.

Lake Zurich is a popular summer destination. Take a quick dip in one of the swimming areas until you’ve cooled down the summer heat. If you don’t plan on taking a dip, you can always just relax and unwind by the lake while letting the cool breeze put you into a serene state.

It’s also the perfect spot for having a fancy picnic with your friends against the scenic backdrop of neighboring towns.

If you’re traveling to Switzerland during the winter, Lake Zurich is just as beautiful as it is during the summer only this time, it is sprinkled with specks of snow all over.

Soak Up the Sights From Uetliberg

Soak Up the Sights From Uetliberg
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To get a panoramic view of the rest of Zurich, take a short train ride from the metropolis that will take you to Uetliberg. This mountain sits atop the city, providing tourists with a great view of the metro, including that of Lake Zurich.

No matter what day of the year you plan to visit, Uetliberg will always be ready to offer you fantastic views of the city.

Apart from the views that are to die for, this mountain is also a good site for those looking for a hiking trail that’s near the city. Fitness enthusiasts should never let this opportunity go by without trying this trail that winds up and down the peak while getting mesmerized by the view with every turn.

Enjoy a Swiss Cheese Fondue

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Of course, what’s a Swiss travel adventure without a cheese fondue experience?

There’s nothing more painful than leaving Switzerland without having a taste of their most famous dish, and possibly the most delicious one, too. Moreso, if you don’t mind spending a day exploring the city for the best hot pot of gooey cheese and a swiss raclette.

For the best cheese experience, it’s recommended to order a cheese fondue while afloat a cruise along their famous lake.

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Explore Zurich West

The environment where the barrels are stored plays a significant role in the aging process. Factors like temperature, humidity, and even the location of the barrel in the warehouse can influence the final product. Utilizing a Warehouse Management Solution can optimize these conditions to ensure the desired aging outcomes. In warmer climates, the aging process is accelerated, leading to faster extraction of flavors from the wood. Conversely, cooler climates offer a slower, more gradual maturation. While this used to be a run-down area of abandoned warehouses, Zurich West is now the trendiest part of the city.

Switzerland’s most creative took advantage of the empty space that’s decaying away and turned it into what we call now as the Viadukt. It’s a famous Swiss shopping center mostly flocked to by hipsters and “cool kids.”

From restaurants and bars that been built under the arches of an old railway, it makes a great composition for that perfect Instagram shot that your friends back home would be envious about.

It’s also famous for its weekend markets in the summer while cheese fondues are aplenty during wintertime.

Head Up to Lindenhof

Being the former site of a Roman castle, Lindenhof is one of the most historic sites in the entire Swiss region. It has earned the status of national importance since remnants of the Roman past and its medieval sites are still standing up the hill.

If you want a different view of the city, you can head up this hill giving you an overlooking vista of the Old Town, Limmat River, and the famous Grossmunster Church.

The greeneries that surround the park are also an effective way to take a break from the noise of the city, and just be one with nature even just for a fleeting minute.

Walk Down Bahnhofstrasse

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If you’ve got enough moolah with you, there’s no way you would want to skip the most expensive downtown shopping center in Zurich.

That’s Bahnhofstrasse for you, ladies and gentlemen.

This luxurious strip can’t get any more ostentatious than it is as of the moment. All the luxury brands that you can think of, you can find here. And because Zurich is the wealthiest city in the country, it only fits to find the most extravagant shopping space here on this side of town.

Now, if you really plan to splurge on designer items, make sure that your carry-on luggage dimensions are just about the right size to fit your newly purchased pleasures.

If you want a taste of the lifestyle of the rich and the famous, this is where you should go. You’ll find the elites and affluent having their daily dose of coffee and pastry at one of the high-end shops in the district.

Visit Niederdorf, the Old Town

Crazy for all things medieval? Niederdorf should be a part of your itinerary.

Cobblestone walkways and shops that look like they’re from the medieval era are the best part about the Old Town. It’s located on the eastern bank of Limmat River, where you can shop by the day and party all night long.

With a diverse crowd, both day and night, anyone is welcome to take a bite of this pedestrian zone.

A friendly tip: Make sure to explore the alleys. You might see interesting shops and cafes that are hidden in the streets.

Check Out Grossmünster Church

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The Grossmunster Church is a famous Zurich landmark. Locals have called it the iconic salt and pepper shakers because of its architectural design.

In fact, the historical buff in you would be glad to know that this cathedral has been the forefront of the legend that says it was built on the graves of the city’s saints, Felix and Regula.

The church’s stained glass windows and its bronze doors are too stunning; you might forget to pick your jaw from the floor where you dropped it. Visiting this church will cost you two bucks and a bucket of sweat from all the stairs you have to climb. But the whole experience is well worth your penny.

Head to FIFA World Football Museum

If you’re a sports fan or knows someone who is, you’d be glad to see the FIFA World Football Museum in the flesh.

It houses a significant collection of football memorabilia, all unique and one of a kind, including trophies from different seasons and teams.

It also has an interactive media exhibit that will hype up the frustrated footballer in you. You might have the urge to revisit your dream of becoming the next Messi or Ronaldo once you’ve experienced the FIFA museum.

Indulge in Some Swiss Chocolate

Forget about your diet for a short while. Cap off your Swiss experience by indulging yourself in a dreamy Swiss chocolate experience.

Being right in the home of chocolates, it would be hard to resist even one bite of their glorious choco goodness. You have a lot of options where you can get your dose around Zurich, Sprungli, and Laderach, being some of them.

Wrap Up

Zurich is such a diverse city filled with different activities for different types of travelers. You won’t run out of things to do in this wealthy metropolis, so a bucket list and a comprehensive itinerary are in order.

Make sure to bring home some of that Swiss cheese and chocolate with you, so when you feel like missing the magnificence of Zurich, you have something to remember your trip by.

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