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Holbox Hotels: Places to Stay in Holbox, Mexico

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The island of Holbox is located off the Yucatan Peninsula. A tourist’s paradise, it is a tiny car free island of only 42 kilometers long and 2 wide. The world seemingly made of water provides an escape for tourists to another world. Come on a journey to discover the types of Holbox hotels and other places to stay in this water sanctuary.

All about Holbox

Holbox is a place of natural and historical beauty. Since 1994 the Holbox reserve has been declared a flora and fauna protection area. This serves as a refuge for majestic creatures such as sea turtles and, for a part of the year, whale sharks.

Along with wildlife, the Mayan culture is infused in every part of the island. The Mayan ruins are not to be missed for the architecture enthusiasts. Pack your bags and come see the beauty for yourself.

While you’re here, you’ll need a place to stay. Check out the different types of Holbox hotels below.

Types of Holbox Hotels

Budget Hotels

Budget Hotels are a way to stretch your vacation fund. The rooms are generally simple and the amenities are fewer than their more expensive counterparts. They are clean and sometimes sparsely decorated.

Budget hotels are great for those who need to save their budget. They are also great for those who will not be in the room or at the property much because they are out enjoying the island. You need few amenities if your time on site is limited.

Luxury Hotels

Among the best hotels in Holbox, sit the Luxury Hotel category. An upgrade from a budget hotel, they usually have extra amenities. They may have pools and gyms, sometimes at an added expense. The rooms are dressed in opulence.

Hotel Resorts

The most opulent of the list, resorts offer amenities outside of the rooms for the ultimate experience. Some resorts have so many amenities and activities, there is no need to venture off property. There are Holbox Mexico hotels that even have tree houses.

These Holbox hotels are the ones for people who want a whole experience. These usually offer spaces where you can connect with nature and with the culture of Mexico. Also, they inspire you and recharge your batteries with wellness activities.

Resorts are best suited for those who desire the best accommodations on vacation. They are also great for those who like to stay in one place or those who enjoy trying new experiences, as these usually offer a variety of activities that enrich your stay.

Source: Unsplash


Hostels are likely the cheapest option on the list. They are shareable short term accommodations. A favorite of backpackers and young travelers, hostels provide a shared space for a sense of community.

Where Should I Stay in Holbox?

This personal preference will determine your best fit. If opulence is a priority, a luxury hotel or resort may be your best fit. If money is a concern, stretch your budget with a hostel or budget hotel stay. No matter your accommodations, a stay in Holobox is unforgettable.

It is always recommended to benefit from hotel activities. For example, it is best to choose a hotel that already has or offers several experiences and offers you something new, something that can take you out of your comfort zone and routine. These will allow you to connect with the culture of Mexico, with earth and with yourself. Nothing is better than that, isn’t it?


If you crave variety and enjoy your first stay, you can always try different Holbox hotels and look for the greatest activities so you can live a once in a lifetime experience. Book your stay and explore all the landscape of the Isla Holbox and its hotels.

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