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Why you should consider a staycation in the UK


Wishing you were on holiday and feel as though you’re very much in need of a break? Treat yourself and your family to a well-deserved staycation in the UK this summer to spend some quality time together. By doing this, you can avoid the disappointment of more canceled holidays and the hassle of going abroad.  Discover what our beautiful country has to offer.

A staycation in the UK has so much to offer, making it a top choice for this summer. Here are some reasons why you should book a staycation in the UK this year.

Explore our beautiful country

Each year millions of people across the UK pack their bags and jump on a plane to go abroad without even considering going on a staycation in the UK. However, when the pandemic hit there was suddenly a demand for accommodation and holiday activities in the UK which many people have taken for granted over the years. With the stunning countryside, beautiful beaches, and cities in the UK all suddenly becoming the place to go, many people realized that they’ve been missing out on discovering something right on their doorstep.

Fun for all the family

Going on a staycation in the UK offers fun for all the family. Find a destination that is centrally located to the places you wish to visit and plan days out from your base for the week. You could even split the trip into two locations by staying a few nights in accommodation elsewhere so you discover more than one place during your staycation.

One of the top destinations to go on a staycation in the UK is the North West as it will be quieter than everyone else’s go-to destinations of Wales, Cornwall, and the Lake District but will still provide a fun and fulfilling experience for you and the family. Visit the stunning historical cities of Manchester and Liverpool which offer a series of museums, theatres, and shopping venues not forgetting the amazing activity centers nearby. Take a trip to Chill Factore, Chester Zoo, and the many historical houses in the surrounding areas to learn new skills and develop your knowledge whilst having lots of fun and bonding with the family. Alternatively for a quiet day out, visit beautiful beaches along the Sefton coastline, Formby Pinewoods, or take a walk within the beautiful countryside and along the canals.

For a fun day out which the family is guaranteed to love, visit Chill Factore located just outside of Manchester city center. This indoor venue allows you to learn how to ski and snowboard on the longest ski slope in the UK. It’s also suitable for the whole family as everyone can get involved whether they have never skied before or they are a skiing pro. It’s an opportunity to learn a new skill and the kids will love telling their friends about the fun they had on their staycation in the UK upon returning to school.

Benefits of a staycation

There are many benefits to a staycation in the UK, making it an ideal stress-free summer break for all the family. With international holidays still being uncertain and the worry of self-isolating, you can travel to your staycation in the UK assured that your holiday won’t be canceled and you can enjoy the activities you’ve got planned. Traveling to your destination is also made easier if you have little ones as the hassle of the airport is taken away by a car or train journey. You can also save money during your staycation in the UK as you won’t be paying out for flights and there’s a series of accommodation options to suit all budgets. Many activity venues are also offering a series of special offers for those on staycations in the UK ranging from snow park passes to ski lessons.

Book your staycation in the UK today and have fun planning your activities with the family. Make sure you include our recommendations and explore the two beautiful cities within the UK as a priority of places to go.

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