6 Tips to Raise Fit Kids

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It is not okay if your child is overweight because fat can block their ways and develop diseases. Childhood fat can go to adulthood which is a not cool thing to consider. But you should not think that an adult diet plan can also work for children because they need different nutrients levels than adults.

Over the past two decades, the number of kids with obesity issues has been rising. Such a situation is alarming. Obesity can put your kids’ health at risk in the future. When my nephew was overweight, we got help from one of the best pediatric gastroenterologists in Islamabad.

What Overweight Can Do With Your Child?

Obesity in kids Increases:

  • The chances of high blood pressure
  • Promote the Cholesterol Level
  • Insulin Resistance
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Breathing Issues
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Impaired Glucose Tolerance
  • Cardiovascular Disease

Being overweight and fat do not allow the children to grow and develop healthily. You need to work with a pediatrician gastroenterologist to deal with the obesity issue of children.

Ways to deal with overweight issue in kids

Choose Fun Activities to make them Active 

Excessive digital devices make our kids’ couch potatoes. Generation Z does not want to play outside but spends all their time on their smartphones and tablets. You need to help your children by introducing some rules. Use the feature of screen time and plan some fun outdoor activities. Physical activity helps them strengthen their bones, decrease blood pressure, boost self-esteem, lower stress and anxiety issues, etc.

Running, jumping and pushups are the best activities that can keep the muscles of the kids strong and help them to grow healthy.

Healthy diet 

You should discuss with your doctor what type of obesity issues your child has. Children need to cut off on some diet that can increase their fats. Parenting is not an easy task, but you can get help from a pediatrician about their diet. Studies say that veggies and fruits are the best source of nutrients that maintain the minerals and other body requirements. Include the low fat or non-fat in their diet plan as it is crucial for healthy bones. Ask everyone to drink lots of water. You should not keep sugary drinks at home as they increase the chance of fat and also bring many health issues. Little changes make the dream come true.

Limit the Screen Time

Limits the use of screen time because it does lead to physical inactivity. 

You should not allow the kids to watch the screen or play video games for more than two hours. You can also play with your kids as they will feel better and energetic.

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Go Gradually 

A sudden change in diet plans or daily activities can disturb your children and irritate them. You need to go gradually. Take little steps at the start and make changes on a daily basis. First, you need to see what foods your child eats more. If your child likes to drink coke, swap it with juices or with nonfat milk.

Focus on the breakfast. Morning meals are very important and should be healthy. Your children should eat whole-wheat toast with peanut butter to make their stomach feel full, and they won’t eat again. Go only once to eat fast food or eat at a restaurant. Buy healthy snacks like veggies and fruits but avoid the chips and crisps, etc. You should ask your child to go with the portion size.

Join Your Children during Meal

Kids learn what they see but not what they have been told. You should join your children when they eat the meal. When they see you eating healthy, they will follow you and swap their unhealthy diet for healthy foods.

Family meals reduce the chances of an unhealthy diet by up to 20%.

Quality Sleep

Kids with obesity issues often experience too little sleep. Too little sleep makes the children eat more and more. As compared to adults, children need more sleep. We can say that the amount of sleep varies by age.


Weight loss is not an easy thing to handle these days when you have KFC and Macdonald’s near your home. You need to get help from a professional if your child is overweight. Researchers Sarf Hospital says that kids with obesity are at higher risk of developing diabetes in the future.

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