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How Can You Move Your Metal Storage Shed If You Travel To A New Location?


If you have a metal storage shed or building in your home and want to remove it, you don’t need to rent a crane or flatbed truck. At the same time, a large and cumbersome metal storage shed may be carried from one spot to another with the aid of a few friends and some basic building supplies.

How Can You Move a Metal Storage Shed?

Do you want to relocate a whole metal sheds? Isn’t that crazy? It happens more frequently than you may believe, and it is possible.

Whether you’ve recently moved into a new home and want to change up the arrangement of your yard, or something more severe, such as floods or neighbor concerns, necessitates the relocation of your shed.

Step 1

Evaluate Shed’s Movability

Not every shed is a good candidate for relocation due to characteristics such as size, weight, and materials – all of which may be summed up as movability. Begin by measuring your shed and searching online to discover how much it weighs empty if you got it pre-assembled. 

Your shed most likely falls into one of five categories:

Movable in Truck Bed

Most lengthier truck beds are approximately 8′ long, although the typical “short” truck bed is closer to 6′. Smaller sheds, such as tiny indoor versions, may fit onto a truck bed and are light enough to carry a group of people rather than requiring specialized equipment.

Movable With Forklift

These are the genuine “big guns” of sheds — weighing more than a half-ton, these shelters require some special equipment to move. You may hire a tiny forklift, but moving it would require either prior expertise with a forklift or the services of a qualified forklift operator.

Movable Only After Break down

If your shed disassembles, you’re in luck since transporting it disassembled is the most straightforward approach. Save yourself some time and patience by checking up on assembly instructions before you disassemble the metal shed. It may be relocated in parts once it has been dismantled, just like any other piece of furniture.

Step 2

Empty it Before Shifting

Your shed weighs far over a hundred pounds, even with nothing in it. So, to avoid back pain and a trip to the chiropractor, empty everything first. Do yourself a favor and move the goods inside far enough away from the shed so you will have enough room to transfer them without encountering any difficulties.

Step 3 

Gather Your Supplies

Now that you’re aware of your shed’s portability, it’s time to plan for what that involves. If you intend to use the roll-over-pipes approach, get a dozen or more UVC pipes (or any lightweight pipes will work, really). Gather some essential tools for any required breakdowns; your standard home toolbox should suffice. If you believe you will need a forklift or a big jack to raise it (which even medium-sized sheds may require to get them off the ground), go to your local rental store and pick them up.

Step 4

Prepare the Area and Your Shed for Moving

When you’re getting ready to leave your residence, make sure your path to the front door is clear. The same ideas apply when wondering how to move a shed: a clean route is significantly more important because you’re carrying something considerably heavier. If you’re walking through a grass or dirt path, do yourself a favor and rake it and trim the grass. It may appear too careful, but you’ll thank yourself when you discover a branch you’d certainly trip over concealed in the grass.

Step 5

Dig Your Metal Shed Out

Take a shovel and start digging: make “gripping spots” at regular intervals around the shed (especially around the four corners), so your jack (or at the very least your hands) can reach underneath it and raise it. It’s ideal for digging at least half a foot beneath the ground, if not more. If you’re doing this on an uneven area, use extra caution to keep the shed from falling downhill.

Step 6


If you have a power jack, use it to gain a head start, then get your Helpers beneath and raise. Start by introducing the side of the shed that the pipes will roll over, then move the first few pipes down and hold them in place while another person walks around the back to lift and push the rest of the shed forward.

Step 7

Roll it

When being aware of your surroundings comes into play: any pebbles or bumps will make the process much more difficult. 

Step 8


Loading is the most time-consuming and challenging phase of this procedure. Even if you have a ramp (thanks, gravity! ), you won’t be able to utilize your pipes for this portion, so you’ll need to find another solution.

Step 9

Transport and Move Your Shed

Now that you’ve figured out how to move your shed, it’s time to move on to the simple part: driving. Drive the vehicle to its new home and, once there, repeat steps 5–7 to re-establish it in its new home. All that remains is to bring your shed’s contents back inside, sit back, and enjoy it.


There is always a method to relocate your metal shed or metal storage buildings no matter where it is. Even if you have to disassemble it completely, no one should ever feel that metal shed— no point how huge – is trapped in one spot.

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