What to Pack for a trip to Norway?


You are sure excited to go on a trip to Norway! After all, the country is truly remarkable and full of culture and nature. When in Norway, you will never get bored as the Scandinavian country remains beautiful all year long, no matter when you go. Stay in stunning campsites and enjoy the stunning views around. However, before you plan a trip to Norway and make the bookings, why not have a look at the basic essentials you need to take with you?

Packing for Norway requires some careful thought and consideration as the climate here can be unpredictable. Norwegian weather can get crazy sometimes and you need to be well prepared at all times.

Here are some recommendations for essential gear to pack for your Norway trip.

Aim for layered clothing

Pack lots of layered clothing to deal with the unpredictable weather. So, carry wet pants, leggings, t-shirts, and jackets. Do not forget the slipper socks that will keep you warm, comfortable, and protected.

A waterproof jacket

As it rains a lot in Norway, it is a must to pack a waterproof jacket that will keep you dry and warm even in bad weather. So, pack in a lightweight rain jacket that is waterproof and will keep all your belongings safe and dry.

Scarfs and hat

Buffs are extremely versatile and are perfect to protect your face from the cold as well as wind and sun. Wear a hat or scarf to protect yourself against the varying Norway weather.

Touch Screen winter gloves

As you will be wearing gloves most of the time, particularly in the evening, it is highly recommended to get a reliable pair of touch screen winter gloves. The gloves will allow you to remain active with your gadgets despite cold temperatures.

Water bottle

As your Norway trip is most likely to be outdoors and active, you need to stay well hydrated when exploring the country. So, pack a water bottle is complete with a bulletproof carbon filter so that you have access to clean water at all times.

Hand sanitizer

Just keep in mind that the pandemic is still very much here. So, always carry a hand sanitizer spray to ensure that you are safe and protected at all times. Wear a mask in crowded areas and feel free to explore the natural Norwegian wonders.

Hiking Backpack

If you plan to hike, get a good quality backpack for the Norway trip. Get a bag that will fit all your things and is not too big and it should be waterproof and comfortable with a lightweight frame.

Compass and maps

It is possible that you may not be able to access or use your electric device at some points during your Norwegian hikes, especially when in a remote area. Hence, it is important to have an alternative and carry a compass and maps to be sure of the direction.

Go ahead and enjoy every second of your time in Norway, now that you have a great packing list

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