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Know How It Is Possible To Have Home Decor Items That Are Functional Yet Creative!

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Is it possible to find that perfect balance between creative and functional decor items? Can you have quirky pieces in your apartment that also serve important functions such as storage? Yes, yes it is! This article will help you find different decor items that look amazing in any living space and are also highly functional!

1.      Magnetic Key Holders

The first item on this list not only looks really quirky but is also very useful. Using a magnetic key holder on your doorway will save you the time and headache of searching for your keys all the time! You can keep your apartment keys, car keys, and other important keys on such holders. The greatest part is that the keys won’t fall or get lost because the holder is magnetic! You can find many such holders in quirky designs such as clouds, rainbows, stars, etc, online.

2.      Multipurpose Trinket Dishes

Have you ever come across these cute dishes in online stationery stores and wondered whether to buy them? Well, this article is your reminder to get such trinket dishes! These trinket dishes are not just for keeping jewelry! They’re multi-purpose! You can get a few different trinket dishes to keep all-around your apartment. You can keep one on your vanity for small pieces of jewelry, watches, cosmetics, etc. Keep one on your study table for small stationery items like erasers, sharpeners, staplers, etc! You can even keep one in the living room to hold your earphones, remotes, and other things that get lost easily.

3.      Carpet

Opt for carpet flooring if you’re going to shift to a new place soon. The benefits of having carpet flooring are unparalleled! It’ll be easy to clean your apartment. It’ll keep the apartment insulated. You only need to vacuum once in a while to keep your space clean. Moreover, if you’re a bit clumsy and drop things often, carpets can save you from breaking delicate items! Carpet flooring looks amazing and you can choose a carpet design and material of your liking.

4.      Bar Cart

The best way to spruce up your dining room or living room is by getting a bar cart. Now, even if you don’t drink alcohol, it can be very useful for storing other things. You can have a portable coffee or tea bar with your bar cart. You can even keep in your bedroom to keep your laptop and other gadgets if you don’t have a lot of space!

5.      Lighting Items

Another great way to bedazzle a living space is by choosing the right lighting for your space. Get yourself a chandelier online if you want your room or apartment to have a dramatic decor item. A chandelier is one such decor item that can draw everyone’s attention. It’s great for lighting up any space, especially living rooms and dining rooms. Chandeliers are also available in a plethora of different designs to suit different aesthetics!

Apart from the aforementioned list of quirky and functional decor items, you can also consider purchasing floating shelves and wall pegs for your apartment. Keep this list in perspective if you want to have a living space that not only looks good but is also functional! 

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