You’ll Love These Places For Their Marvelous Landscapes

Marvelous Landscapes

In a country like India, there is a diverse magnificence of nature, such as the lush forests, beautiful coastlines, stunning deserts, rocky mountains, main highlands, and some exotic islands too. To witness each of these in its true beauty, one has to visit and view the best landscapes of the country. If you are curious to take incredible pictures of the best natural locations, you must travel to the places listed in this article.

Women travellers love to explore lavish destinations of the country they visit. Starting from the coasts of Kanyakumari to the majestic Himalayan Ranges and all other must-visit places extending from the south to the north, there is a never-ending list of places to visit. To explore the beauties of these breathtaking places, one has to travel to these beautiful landscapes.

Exploring some amazing landscapes in India

The cultural and natural diversity of India makes it one of the best tourism destinations in the world. With a variety of sceneries around the beaches, mountains, plateaus, and other places, it is worth capturing everything. Just pack your bags, you are certain to enjoy every bit of the journey and if you love photography then make sure you have some extra-large space on your device to capture and store the breathtaking imagery when visiting India.

Himalayan Mountain Ranges

Himalayan Mountain Ranges

If you plan to travel to the abode of snow, these great ranges offer magnificent mountain landscapes in India. It is spread over five major states of Uttarakhand, Sikkim, Jammu and Kashmir, and Himachal Pradesh, including seven northeast sisters. The mighty mountain ranges would make you fall for its grandeur and mesmerizing beauty. At the foothills of these ranges, the Indo-Gangetic plains offer an excellent landscape for capturing a perfect image.

What to capture: Tso Moriri, Pangong Lake, Turtuk village, Sani Village and Drang-Drung Glacier

The Thar Desert

The Thar Desert
Sunset on sand dunes is indeed a very pretty sight!!

Spread over an area of 2,00,000 square kilometres, this desert covers more than one-third of the entire territory of Rajasthan in India. Nothing can be better than exploring the beauties of the dunes with ever-changing shapes. So, when visiting Rajasthan and its suburbs stretching to other big states like Gujarat and Haryana, the landscape is worth capturing into a frame. For photographers, these places can prove to be the best destinations to travel.

What to capture: Take a jeep safari or head out for camping to get amazing shots

The Eastern and Western Ghats

The Eastern and Western Ghats

The beautiful landscape of mountains extending from West Bengal to Odisha and going through the parts of Karnataka serves as the best photographic locations. The Eastern Ghats attract a lot of travelers due to its incredible flora and fauna. Located between the Deccan Plateau and the Bay of Bengal, it is worth capturing some excellent memories.

On the other hand, the Western Ghats runs along the western coastline. They are among the top landscapes of Asia and are spread over two plateaus and six states. Also, to get a taste of the biological diversity of India, this is an ideal place to travel.

What to capture: For some magnificent scenic views, one can take the Nilgiri Mountain Railway to Coonoor or visit Deomali, Araku Valley, Sahyadhri mountain ranges, Biligiriranga Hills, Vembanad lake and more.

Seeing the natural beauty of these landscapes in Asia is one thing and capturing them in your lens is another. You may be looking at an awesome sunset but end up capturing an image with overexposure that does not create the same effect. Or you may be getting the right light but end up using the wrong filter that really brings out the details of the landscape. 

So if you’ve added a few of these places to your travel calendar through travel guest posting sites then don’t forget to follow the tips mentioned next to capture these beautiful landscapes in their full glory.

Tips for landscape photography

Irrespective of the weather you experience, the right opportunity can help you capture a perfect frame. Adding to this, some professional photography tips can help you get some best frames ever.

Choose the location wisely

It goes without saying that landscape photography focuses mainly on the location. You have to do proper planning so that you visit the place at the right time to explore the nature in its true beauty. If required, you should also extend your stay and try to capture the best landscape photographs when the sun sets or rises.

Try to make use of best light

Among the many essential factors for capturing the best frame, light is an important one. This holds more importance in the case of landscape photography. Sunlight serves a perfect brightness, especially in the early or late afternoon. For an inexperienced photographer, it will be quite challenging to capture the frame during a cloudy or stormy day. To influence the look of the image, try to make use of the maximum available light. 

Maximize the depth of field used

For capturing beautiful landscapes, having the right depth of field is important. This type of photo should be sharp enough so that you can use a deeper depth of field. However, a shallower depth can also be used if you are skilled at it. This way, the subject of the image can be made sharp by blurring the remaining parts. For better results, it is better to set the camera to aperture priority mode.

Neutral density and polarizing filters are good to use

For a woman landscape photographer, knowing about the right use of polarizing filters and neutral density shall help to capture beautiful images. Boosting the natural elements and making the right use of the filters when facing the sun can prove helpful while photography. Also, graduated ND filters can help to capture perfect images.

Shooting in raw format

If your camera is able to capture raw files, try shooting in raw format. It contains better details that further offer flexibility in post-production time. Saving the image files in raw format, helps you edit them to other themes later.

Want more travel photography or travel tips or have travel related queries, travel questions and answers or photography questions? Then you can get a lot of information on Q and A forums like Yahoo Answers, Discuss or Quora where you can get in touch with travel and photography enthusiasts as well as experts from around the world.

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