Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Review

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Review

All people are obsessed with Apple phones to completely forget about the existence of other good smartphones. Samsung is rather a decent manufacturer that can boast of having high-quality devices. Samsung Galaxy Note series managed to be in advance of its time. Initially, people misunderstood and even underestimated it. The big screen seemed a drawback for many people, but we, fortunately, understood that it’s an advantage. 

The first thing that should attract people to this phone is its stunning design. The front and back panel are made of Corning Gorilla Glass 6 that ensures durability. The location of cameras and other elements is convenient and looks nice. If you want to buy this phone because of its design and worry that the case will hide it buy a stylish wooden case here , and you’ll forget about this problem.

There was no global change in the smartphone’s design in comparison with older models so that the connoisseurs of the Galaxy Note series will be pleased by how it looks. Now let’s go through the other important characteristics of the smartphone.


Note 10 has a 6.3-inch display, and it seems rather big, especially compared to smartphones of other companies. However, it doesn’t mean that this smartphone is inconvenient. On the contrary, people who bought Samsung Galaxy Note 10 state that a large display doesn’t prevent them from using a phone with one hand. Traditionally, Samsung used a FullHD+ AMOLED display. Moreover, users also can enable the HDR10+ feature. If you’re a fan of curved corners and frameless smartphones, Galaxy Note 10 is a perfect choice for you. There are no special advantages of such a design besides a good look that means a lot for Samsung.


Note 10 cameras haven’t been significantly upgraded since previous models, but the smartphone still takes fantastic photos and shoots high-resolution videos. The triple rear camera consists of a 12MP main camera, 16MP ultra-wide camera, and a 12MP wide-angle camera. Unfortunately, Note 10 doesn’t have a DepthVision sensor S10 and Note10+ have, but it can’t be considered a significant drawback. 

Video recording was slightly improved if compared with older models. You can record 4K 60FPS video using the main lens, but if you want to enjoy the capabilities of an ultra-wide and telephoto camera, you need to lower the resolution. 10MP front camera takes good selfies. What else do you need?

Processor and Productivity

Galaxy Note10 is available in two versions: with Exynos 9825 chipset and Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset. Only US residents have access to the Snapdragon chipset. 8GB RAM is enough for daily tasks, but if we take into account that Note10+ has 12GB RAM, it disappoints. The absence of MicroSD support is a big drawback of this model. Samsung wants to follow in the footsteps of Apple and make devices without the possibility of storage expansion. Note 10 comes in a 256GB storage option, and it will be enough for the average user.

Battery Life

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 has a 3,500 mAh battery, whereas Note10+ has a 4300mAh battery, significantly better. However, even Note 10 can last through a day of normal usage. So, listen to music, take photos, scroll your social media, and don’t worry that your smartphone will be dead by noon. Moreover, almost all people have portable batteries and carry them around every day. By the way, the standard adapter provides a 25W fast charging option. A wireless charging option is also supported, but you need to purchase a wireless charger separately. 

S Pen

S Pen is probably the most obvious reason why people purchase this device. This electronic pen lets users do more than just write and draw. Samsung greatly improved S Pen, and now you can control your phone even at a distance. S Pen is Bluetooth-enabled and can work up to 10 hours without charge. Use your S Pen to switch camera modes, zoom the camera, take photos, scroll through your presentation, turn up a volume, etc. AR Doodle and S Pen is a perfect combination. Add 3D images to your video using S Pen, create special effects and make stunning videos. S Pen technology has reached an unprecedented level. 

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