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Traveling Light To Warmth

Traveling Light To Warmth

Despite the pandemic giving the majority of us headaches thanks to the drastic changes, we all had to adapt in order to survive and battle it, pretty sure that many of us would want to take a vacation and travel to somewhere relaxing and fun. Yes, the majority of us may have worked from home but sometimes we need time away from home, too. Our home may not be quite relaxing after experiencing working in our supposed restful paradise. The world is yet to be explored so get ready to travel light to warm places, read these helpful tips!

Invest in Multifunctional

plain men collection

Traveling light saves one from physical exhaustion, worries, and overweight charges. Multifunctional wear and accessories enable travelers to pack light. 2-in-1 or reversible light jackets, easy to mix and match plain simple wear, light outdoor footwear, quality outdoor slippers, waterproof mobile phone cases which may also carry tickets, petty cash, and the like, travel charger adapters for any socket type, and so on. These things enable one to do so many things without occupying much luggage space. Of course, travel proof or outdoorsy essentials are best chosen as well to avoid carrying protection cases and the like that takes up luggage space. Waterproof watch for men or women, waterproof gadgets, and shockproof essentials will always give travelers peace of mind.

Bring Easy-to-Wash

Clothes made of light material are usually easy to wash and dry. Having those allows travelers to limit laundry luggage and to simply wash or avail of quick laundry services within their destination/s. Slip-on rain shoes are easy to wash when travel tends to get muddy. These are lightweight too. Various colors and styles for both men, women, and children are available from quality brands. Such footwear is nice to wear whether it’s sunny or rainy. This footwear can be worn as aqua shoes/beach footwear as well. Bags or backpacks made of waterproof material will also be very helpful.


Instead of shoe covers, use shower caps. Replace bag organizers with light drawstring bags. Instead of full-size toiletries, transfer them to tiny bottles or containers. Skip the bulky headphones and opt for in-ear or wireless buds.

Plan Ahead But Be Open For Spontaneity

When the itinerary is planned, it allows the traveler to plan the outfits or looks since traveling light involves limited wardrobe. Creative mix and matching will be required. But also leave luggage space in case of finding amazing shopping finds that definitely must be brought home. Skip bringing jewelry and enjoy local finds within the travel destination. Rolling clothes instead of folding is also said to be more space-saving.

Forget the Souvenirs

Let photos be the souvenir instead. Years or decades may come and the souvenirs may be lost or have deteriorated but the photos will be intact. Plus, money is saved as well. Should something be shared with family or friends back at home, skip the tacky shirts, keychains, and magnets. Local snacks, desserts, or treats may not last long but it will somehow give them an delightful and delectable experience of that recent travel destination.


Bought a pair of local slippers just for the trip? Or a tiny umbrella? Donate those to the tour guide or hotel/inn staff instead of taking them home or throwing them away after using them for just the duration of the vacation. Those things might actually be helpful for the recipient/s too.

Got more traveling light tips? Do share them by commenting below! Feel free to also share this article with family or friends who might be planning to travel after the pandemic.

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