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Where Can I Travel That Isn’t Touristy?

There’s nothing worse than travelling across the globe, just to be greeted by millions of tourists. It’s busy and unpleasant, and you don’t get to enjoy the experience of some of the greatest locations in the world.

This year, it’s time to take a breather and discover some new areas which aren’t concentrated with other travellers. Find the off-the-beaten tracks, leisurely stroll through new landscapes and take it all in with these lesser known destinations.

Tallinn, Estonia

Although it is one of smaller city capitals in Europe, there isn’t a lack of things to do and see in Tallinn, Estonia. The town centre is commonly full of tourists, particularly ones that are taking part in day trips from cruises. So, it is recommended you find your way out of the Old Town and work your way to the coast instead.

Pirita Beach is a quiet coastline that mainly sees visitors from the city itself rather than tourists. If you want to enjoy some quiet time after walking around the city, this is the place to be where you can truly relish in the sound of the waves. The sunset is also a sight that you do not want to miss, watching it gradually set below the horizon and capturing photographs with no one around.

Laos Countryside

If you want a taste of Asia but don’t want to travel to Thailand or Vietnam, an adventure in Laos is the ideal compromise. With its own specialities, it is its own place and it is also home to some of the best food in Asia and the best coffee. The combination of plantations and waterfalls provides a dreamy landscape for a cup of coffee where you may just think you are in paradise.

Their countryside will make you pinch yourself too – especially when you have it all to yourself. Travelling through local villages, marvel at the untouched landscapes and walk along the Mekong River to discover a whole new perspective. Take your own path around the countryside and enjoy some me time surrounded by nature.

Travel Tip – Before you travel, read up on the top local foods to eat when you visit Laos.

Western Ireland

It may not be the first country on your radar, but with breath-taking scenery and exhilarating hiking trails, it should be – especially western Ireland.

The Burren, derived from the word “Boireann” which means a rocky place, is an isolated area of beauty abundant with hiking trails. Burren National Park is the smallest national park in Ireland but is truly off the beaten path. Located in Corofin, County Clare, you will only find a few other hikers among these trails. Enjoy the views into the distance of rural Ireland and the peace and quiet surrounding you.

Travel Tip – Book through reputed providers like for planned group walking holidays and top-notch accommodation.

Mujib Nature Reserve, Jordan

As the lowest nature reserve in the world, this has to be a place on your bucket list to visit. Due to its structure, it’s not the most accessible place but this makes it even more unique and sparse with visitors. Plus, it is filled with a whole range of different environments you can explore during your time there.

Mountains, steppes, hot springs and canyons, this nature reserve has a bit of everything. The desert is nicknamed the “Grand Canyon of Jordan” and is the least crowded area of the nature reserve, so will keep you apart from the tourists. Also, the Siq Trail through the canyon can be explored without a guide, so you can truly go on your own.

Travel Tip – There are some great hiking trails around the UNESCO site based on the wet/dry seasons. Read more over at:

Brasov, Transylvania

Have you ever thought about including Transylvania on your list of places to travel? Slightly obscure and adventurous, this Romanian region is not the spooky or creepy set up you may expect it to be – although you can explore Dracula’s castle which definitely lives up to the Gothic fairytale image!

Brasov is a medieval city you can enjoy from the sky as well as on the ground. By taking a cable car ride up Mount Tampa, you will be able to see its ornate churches, Saxon townhouses and the Baroque square in the peace and quiet. Take it all in at once before delving deeper into the city and taking your pick from the Lutheran Black Church or the Orthodox St. Nicholas’ Cathedral.

Tara River Canyon, Montenegro

Montenegro is a hidden treasure just waiting to be discovered. It may look small on the outside, but it has so much to offer and does not see the cruise crowds neighbouring Croatia does. No matter what kind of holiday you are looking for, whether it’s a sun, sea and sand relaxing type of trip, a hiking across the mountain ranges vacation, or a nature-filled adventure, Montenegro has it all.

The Tara River runs through rural Montenegrin villages which are quiet and idyllic. The beautiful landscapes of fields and traditional houses set a picturesque scene for visitors. Featuring the Tara Canyon, the longest canyon in Europe, there is rocky terrain or grassy terrain depending on the route you want to take. Choose your path and go on an adventure in the wilderness.

Looking for more inspiration for your next trip? Take a look round to discover more things to do and things to see around the world. If you’re looking for more hidden gems or ways to get the most out of your adventure, we’re your guide.

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