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Make the Most of These Warm Places During America’s Long Cold Winter Months

Americas Long Cold Winter Months

While birds migrate south for the winter, humans are not that fortunate, having to remain in their freezing natural habitats until spring heralds an end to those long dark months. However, there is nothing wrong with a quick escape and visiting somewhere warm for a few days. Unquestionably, there are many places you could visit. But you might not need to travel too far to find somewhere warm to pass your time.

Here are some ideas:

A gambling vacation in Pennsylvania

Since legalizing online gambling, Pennsylvania has seen an increase in tourists visiting its sites and brick-and-mortar casinos. After all, what could be better than snuggling up in your hotel bed playing your favorite casino games? But if you want to feel the old-school charm and excitement of a physical casino, you can choose several from those across the state, too.

A train trip across Alaska

It might sound counterintuitive to travel across US and head to America’s coldest state for warmth, but you will find plenty of it there. Why not consider the Aurora Winter Train that travels through panoramic, dramatic scenery between Anchorage and Fairbanks? You can spot local wildlife enjoying frigid winter landscape from the comfort of your train coach. The Museum of the North offers visitors a chance to learn about Alaska’s natural and human history. If you can bear a trip out into the icy air, try viewing the spectacular Northern Lights.

Visit Florida’s Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge

Florida is well-known for its temperate climate, so a visit anywhere in this state will take any chill out of your bones. Most national parks in the USA remain open during winter. Florida’s Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge offers winter visitors the unique opportunity to see dozens of manatees who head to the state’s shores during chilly winter months. Also known as sea cows, these tubby placid creatures make for great swimming companions.

Historic Washington, D.C.

If you plan on heading to the nation’s capital for the Presidential Inauguration in January, there are plenty of historical sites to visit. Take in a tour of D.C.’s monuments, including the US Capitol and National Archives Buildings. The city’s sites are interesting by day and spectacular by night, so make sure you visit them twice. Afterward, head to one of D.C.’s many eateries to thaw out and enjoy a delicious meal.    

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