Best Gambling Movies and Tv Series of All Time

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People are looking for several ways to distract themselves from boredom. One of the famous forms of entertainment is movies & web series. Thanks to all the OTT platforms, there’s no absence of quality film content online. One of the most prominent themes that moviemakers have covered accurately is Gambling. This genre comprises of risking money, and you might lose or win that.  

As several trips to the casinos have directed us again & again, sometimes the jeopardy is worth the reward, and other times it’s woefully not. Many of us can’t get a vacation to Reno, St. Tropez, or Sin City to gamble to our experience and content.

However, wagering movies are always accessible to watch via the online media hulks, Netflix & Amazon Prime. So, suppose your bank account is quite limited. In that case, you can still get your casino experience while watching some of the brilliant gambling films & shows on Amazon Prime and Netflix in our list that are intermittently available to stream.

Eight Men Out

This casino-based Amazon Prime film comes from 1988, based on the book “Eight Men Out: The Black Sox & the 1919 World Series” by Eliot Asinof. It takes a hard, smooth look at the court that convulsed the sports wagering industry. Eight of the Black Sox representatives acceded to throw the World Series in exchange for dollars.

The cinema’s central focus is the courtroom drama that gradually unfolds, and a BTS look at the impact on baseball players’ lives. It depicts the strained family connections, with a galactic cast that includes Barbara Garrick and John Cusack, among others. If you’re in a mood for a somewhat old film that’s still germane today, Eight Men Out is impeccable.


Going back to the classics, this 1995 scandalous casino movie fixates on handicap wagerer Sam “Ace” Rothstein. The mob demands him to administer the Tangiers Casino present in Las Vegas. The tension increases while you’ll optically discern what life is like as a high-roller in one of the world’s top wagering establishments.

The Casino is an epic film, and you won’t like to miss even though you’ “have to sit through three hours of screen time. It features politics, corruption, and FBI chases. A nail-biting adventurous depiction predicted on a true story that’ll have you on the hem of your lounge until the very last.

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James Bond: Casino Royale 

The James Bond franchise is popular for blending espionage with famous ecumenical themes. As the film’s title advocates, “Casino Royale” has a plot that whirls about wagering. Elements of mystery, high stakes, and seduction are also involved.

If you’re a die-hard fan of casino films on Netflix, you’ll love to watch the 2006 version with Daniel Crag. In this, Bond utilizes every gimmick up his sleeve to score at Texas Hold ’em. Although, the pristine 1967 movie stays true to the Ian Fleming book, where he plays baccarat to beat the miscreant instead


This one’s a fictional story of a columnist who combats to make ends meet. He accepts a job as a dealer at one of the local casinos to his father’s avail.

Indeed, he gets attracted to the glamorous life of the wagering world. It causes an ache in his relationship, dragging him into all the vices a casino has to offer. It’s a breath-taking ride that’ll keep you tuned in to watch how it ends.

Life on The Line

This documentary on casino life illustrates Super Bowl sports betting. It displays a glimpse into one of the year’s wacky events to bet on when you’re in Las Vegas. From gamblers who place aimless bets to professional players who use the best tricks, it studies the distinction between winners and losers. 

Isaac Feder takes the lead as the moviemaker, interviewing sports wagerers he comes across. It’s one of the series that portrays an average punter’s everyday activity and betting’s glory & stress. It’s an ideal show to witness if you’ve never placed a bet on sports before and would like to perceive more at the lifestyle.

Molly’s Game

This film is the story of Hollywood’s poker princess. It is a genuine-life story of Molly Bloom predicated on her book, Molly’s Game: The True Story of the 26-Year-Old Woman Behind the Most Exclusive, High-Stakes Underground Poker Game in the World.

Molly Bloom is a 26-year-old woman who lost all she had. She established an illicit high stakes poker game that had who’s who on its invitation list. Her illegitimate poker play moved billions of dollars. The players were celebrities, influential business people, and politicians. In the end, her fall was astonishing as her growth.

You’re spoilt of options when comparing the best series Netflix and Amazon Prime, related to Gambling. After watching all of these, be sure to keep an ocular perceiver out for others.

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