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How To Choose The Best Sailing Destination?

Sailing Destination

Experiencing a premium cruise ride is certainly a dream of many travel enthusiasts. It is one of the most luxurious itinerary plans that make the holiday truly successful. Opting for a sailing trip is ideal for all types of vacations- be it a family trip, friends trip, or honeymoon. In case you are planning a sailing trip for the first time and don’t have much knowledge about how to plan a sailing route trip or decide the ideal sailing route and Sailing Destination, then you can try our sailing trip planner app. This is the best sailing trip planner software that will help you in managing the overall organization of your sailing trip and choosing the best sailing destination for your holiday. With the help of this sailing planner app, you can easily make the appropriate route planning for yachts as well.

This app has all-inclusive data that will help you plan the perfect sailing route and destination under your budget. From deciding the cruise/yacht, from booking the tickets to planning out the best location staffing your crew, deciding the dates and destinations, planning the sailing route, managing the arrival, share packing list, and cost transparency about bord cash – you can complete all these essential tasks right away by using this sailing trip planner online. In this blog, we are sharing some vital tips and guidelines that will further ease down your efforts in planning the best yacht sailing vacation. So, keep on reading!

Ideas for Sailing Destination Trip

These are our best-chosen places for enjoying a unique sailing experience for your holiday-

1. The Grenadines

Popularly referred to as “Spice Islands”, Grenadines can be your ideal sailing destination. Grenadines is a chain of 32 extravagant islands that are scattered across 60 miles throughout the southern Caribbean. This beautiful place is vibrant with attractive landscapes and abundant marine life. You can certainly opt for planning a sailing route on its surreal waterbody. The place offers an ideal condition for a peaceful cruise/yacht ride. Plan the perfect sailing route to this beautiful place and explore the untouched beauty of nature.

2. Catalina Island, California

Often considered as the boating paradise, Catalina Islands are the perfect sailing destination located just 22 miles southwest of Los Angeles city. If you are looking for an offbeat place to enjoy a luxury sailing trip, this place will surely meet your expectations. This place features a sparkling water body surrounded by picturesque mainland. The deck of luxury yachts and ships further adds an ornamental beauty to this place. Planning a trip to this beautiful place will also allow you to take a momentarily excuse from the humdrum of your busy life. The rich water life and scenic spectacles make this place truly an ideal sailing destination.

3. French Polynesia

Assembled with five primary groups of islands, French Polynesia is a landscape of jagged volcanic mountains embellished with lush vegetation and dramatic waterfalls. The landscape of these islands is highlighted with an alluring mix of stunning lagoons, classical culture and exotic aquatic life. Through our best sailing trip planner app, you can book your cruise journey at this place to make a unique exploration of the sea as well as the land.

This is a tropical paradise that has stereotypical islands dispersed across a wide range of the South Pacific extent for over 770 miles. There are infinite numbers of islands and Raiatea is one of the most popular ones. This place is the perfect starting point for an exceptional Tahitian sailing adventure for exploring the Society Islands that cover Tahiti, Raiatea, Bora-Bora, Moorea, and Tahaa. Through our best sailing trip planner app, you can share memories and pics made on your trip with your crew and will never forget about this exciting yachting.

4. Croatia

Popularly known as New Riviera, Croatia is another beautiful place to make ideal route planning for yachts. Over time, this place has become a must-visit destination for holiday lovers. The crystalline water body of Adriatic is the best place to enjoy the true spirit of premium sailing experience. The tranquillity of the landscape and the spell-bound coastline make this place a picture-perfect destination. Croatia features a collection of classic islands with an endless number of sublime beaches, lush green hills and fascinating towns of Europe. As per the sailing route planner app, Hvar island is the most sought-after dock spot where you will explore a plethora of well- heeled yachtsmen.

5. Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Galapagos Islands is a tiny yet most popular sailing destination. It is a remote archipelago located in the eastern Pacific Ocean. Travels across the world get attracted to this place by its eternal beauty of abundant water life and rich wildlife that features rare species like giant tortoises, blue-footed boobies, penguins and sea lions. A perfect place for planning a sailing route to, Galapagos Islands is popular for many expedition cruising. You can visit the unspoiled beauty of 19 islands by exploring the place on luxury yachts or cruises. Here you plan for a week-long cruise ride to sail around the volcanic archipelago. Visiting this place will surely give you a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You can also plan Galapagos Diving Liveaboard Cruises in Ecuador to be giving your loved ones a lifetime gift.

6. Port Townsend, Washington

Encircled by sparkling water on three sides, Port Townsend is a wonderful spot for sailing and various water sports. This beautiful place is overlooked by the magnificent Olympic Mountains. The presence of the Strait of Juan de Fuca makes an ideal condition for sailing with constant wind blow. The area is also abode to exclusive marine life covering many whales species like orcas, minke and grey, and porpoise.

The sightings of Bald eagles will make the sailing experience more pleasant. You can use our sailing trip planner online app to plan the ideal route to this extraordinary place.

Tips for a long distance sailing adventure

You can choose your ideal sailing destination from the aforementioned places. Nevertheless, our sailing planner app will further serve you with additional options for the lovely places for planning a sailing trip. Now, once the confusion regarding choosing the destination is solved, the next concern is how to plan a sailing route with proper arrangement. Here we have prepared a list of some useful tips for a long-distance sailing adventure. Check them out- Galapagos Diving Liveaboards

Be fully prepared for the ride-

when you opt for long-distance sailing, make sure you eat something light. Onboarding with an over-full stomach can cause bloating and make you feel nauseous due to the constant function of movement during the yacht ride.

Carry sustainable ration-

If you are planning a sailing trip for a couple of weeks, make sure you have a sufficient ration supply. However, you should choose foods that are highly sustainable or can be stored easily. Ideal foods to carry during a sailing trip are packaged, frozen, instant and canned foods.

Keep Your Emergency Medical Kit With You-

It is one of the vital tips for a long-distance sailing adventure. In case of sudden sickness or minor accidents or cuts, these kits will be utterly helpful. The kit must include important tools like- bandaids, cotton balls, painkiller, anti-sickness/ anti-vomiting tablets, sanitizer, and antiseptic cream.

Carry your safety/emergency tools-

If you are planning a sailing trip for a long-duration, make sure your luggage has the essential safety tools like- rope, torch, batteries, multi-accessories tool, etc. Also, keep a pocket compass with you. For Identity safety, always carry the IDs. Also, carry gloves and face masks for safety precautions.

Do not forget the Entertainment-

Sailing for a long time can be boring if you lack the entertainment resources. Always carry the entertainment devices with you for killing time and keep yourself away from boredom!

Proper Luggage-

Do not carry excessive luggage with you. Only carry essential items. Do not pack extra clothing or unnecessary things. Make sure your luggage has a foldable blanket and warm dresses.

So, these are the essential tips to follow while planning a sailing trip for a long- duration. So, what are you waiting for? Plan the perfect sailing route right away with the best sailing trip planner app. Happy holiday!

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