How do you know which team to bet on? Signs of leaders


It is impossible to determine the team that is 100% likely to win the match. Even the most experienced bettors often make mistakes. There is always a risk of losing when the bet is placed on a clear leader. The underdog team has a chance to win, and this cannot be ignored. Whichever bettor does a pre-match analysis, it is better to hedge with a low-risk sports betting strategy.

Low-Risk Sports Betting Strategies

According to statistics, only 2% of bettors have turned sports betting into regular income. There is no need to perceive bookmaker offices as a platform for stable earnings. Regardless of the chosen strategy and the quality of the pre-match analysis, there is always a risk of losing the entire game bank. To reduce the likelihood of losing money, bettors use the following sports betting strategies:

  • simple;
  • The bets on a favorite;
  • It’s bets on matches with a double chance;
  • bets on totals;
  • basketball bets on quarters;
  • live bets according to statistics.

These betting systems are considered less risky than the classic Dogon, Danish, and others. You can analyze the sure bets strategy using the example of a tennis match. The bookmaker gives the odds of 1.60 for the victory of player # 1, and odds of 2.60 for the victory of the second player. To use this system, you need to use two BC. The game bank must be distributed between both players. If done correctly, the profit will be made in any case, regardless of who wins.

It is much more difficult to bet on a three-way line, but it is possible. 3 variants of the final can be in a football match. If you distribute the budget in the right proportion, there will be profits. The disadvantage of this strategy is that the payoff is very small.

A bet on favorite means confidence in the leader of the match. The probability that an outsider will win is very low, so most professional bettors still prefer not to bet on underdogs. Determining a leader is always easy enough – you just need to look at the odds. Whose odds are lower for victory is the favorite of the event.

In betting, a double chance is called a bet in which 2 outcomes will be a victory for the user. More experienced players who have a good store of knowledge about a particular discipline bet on totals. This means the total number of goals, goals, or other points scored in the goal. To win, Bettor needs to guess how many points the team will have. Most modern bookmakers, including Parimatch India, offer bets on totals; football is most often used for this strategy. Totals for teams from Iceland, Holland, Czech Republic, Belgium, England are popular.

How to determine the winner

It is not enough to simply look at the quotes to determine the leader. To win often in sports betting, it is imperative to conduct pre-match analyzes. This rule applies to absolutely all disciplines – from football to e-sports. The basis for qualitative analysis is statistical data:

  • chronology of personal meetings of teams;
  • the results of the last games;
  • history of teams’ meetings with the appointed referee;
  • whether there are any disqualifications or injured athletes;
  • statistics of home and away results;
  • where the teams are in the standings;
  • how many days the athletes rested before the upcoming fight.
  • It is also necessary to conduct a situational analysis. A few days before the event, you need to check the following information:
  • watch press conferences of team coaches or players;
  • find out if the players themselves gave comments to the media about the upcoming event;
  • statements of fan clubs of teams.

It must be remembered that substitution, disqualification, or injury can occur at any time, which can drastically affect the outcome of the event. Therefore, you must always keep your finger on the pulse. Motivation also means a lot. It is necessary to determine what victory in a duel means for each team.

Experienced bettors try to assess the psychological state of the players, their motivation. For example, disputes and discontent within the team negatively affected FC Barcelona’s results in 2020. It was known that many players were unhappy with the coach, and Lionel Messi was at odds with the sports director of the FC. The result was 6 losses for Barcelona this season, which is a very bad result for the team.

The opinions of experts should not be ignored either. Many news publications publish the opinions of professionals about this or that event. These can be athletes, commentators, former coaches, columnists.

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