How to Grow Your Email List Quick?

Email List

In this article, we will see some email list-building ways that are proven to work well.

Exit Popup Form

An exit popup helps to get hold of more visitors before they leave your site. 

An exit popup form is an intelligent website popup that shows up when a visitor decides to bounce.

When you are looking for methods to raise conversion on your site dramatically, exit popup forms are one of the best ways.

Email Address Extractor (chrome extension) is an email address extractor that helps you extract bulk emails from the LinkedIn platform. 

Besides this, you can also find the business Email List address of anyone within a few seconds. You have to input their last name, first name, and company domain name. It processes this data and finds the email format with the application of big data and machine learning algorithms. is popular among the audience for its excellent customer support and high accuracy rate. If you are not sure whether to invest in this tool, it’s OK. You may start with their freemium package, where you get to find ten email addresses for free. 

When you find that the tool is efficient, then you can go for the paid version.

Add Call to Action on Your Facebook

By adding a call to action button on your Facebook or any other social platform, you can direct your followers or profile visitors to take any action that moves them ahead in their journey with your brand.

For example, you may want them to call your store, visit your website, send you a message, etc. You can get them to do this by adding a call to action in your social handles.

Twitter Lead Generation Cards

With more than 120 million unique users visiting the Twiter platform, it stays one of the prevalent social media platforms today.

In 2013, Twitter introduced lead generation cards that allow users to connect with brands by securely sharing their email addresses. And with the email addresses, the businesses can connect with the users. 

And now, the lead generation cards have evolved to grow into a new process: the Twitter business account.

Social Proof to Encourage Sign-Ups

When you browse a website and see a testimonial from an industry expert you admire, that’s social proof.

Essentially, social proof is the usage of third-party influence to bias the potential audience.

For example, when you see a product that solved the exact issue you have and are swayed to purchase it, you were under the influence of social proof.

There are different types of social proof such as case studies, testimonials, reviews, social media, trust icons, data/numbers, etc.

When you include social proofs in your landing page, it will help gain the potential audience’s trust and acquire more filled forms.

Final Thoughts

When you implement these strategies one at a time or all at a time, you will begin to notice some progress in the result. 

I recommend you apply this to your prospect list building plan and see the result yourself. If you are going to use all strategies at a time, you may need a team so that each one of you focuses on one technique.

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