The Best Trekking Tours in Ecuador


Raise your hand if you are fond of trekking and hiking!

If you are, then this post will be very interesting for you because here we will cover up all about trekking in the best places in Ecuador and will provide you with a special guide about Cotopaxi Tour.

Trekking is a long and daring walk over the mountains to explore the natural environment deeply and having the ultimate joy of walking on the wild peaks. In terms of time and days, there is no limit. Adventurers walk as far as they can, even without any trails and tracks.

Ecuador is a country that exists on the west coastline of South America. It is famous for wildlife adventures and the Amazon jungle. This country is the centre of attraction for the bold adventurers of the world because of the high peaks to walk on. So, are you one of those?

Here is the list of famous treks of Ecuador:

Among all the above points of interest in Ecuador, the most famous and considered among the highest peak is Cotopaxi and tourists love to have Cotopaxi Tour while their visit to Ecuador.

Something interesting to know before Cotopaxi Tour

There are some interesting facts about the Cotopaxi that you must know before going to climb it.

The height of this mountain is about 19347.11 feet (5897 meters). It is on the second number in the highest mountains of Ecuador and is valued among one of the world’s highest volcanoes. It exists in the south of Quito (Ecuador’s capital), nearby 50km.

In 2015, the volcano flared-up from this peak, and it remained closed for the adventurers for any activity, but the good news is that now it is declared completely safe for tourists and hikers.

This mountain is not at all easy to climb, so if you think that you are an expert hiker and have enough stamina, then you must go for it. There are snowy passages, bridges, and slopes waiting for you if you want to touch its peak. Especially at the 40o angle, it becomes trickier to pass. Normally, it takes two days to reach its peak by the climbers.

There are also valleys and mesmerizing waterfalls in the way that you can enjoy looking at and a forest sideway with the Pita River.

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Moreover, if you are not familiar with the rules and techniques of climbing a snowy mountain, then you can get the support of the expert glacier climber to climb the Cotopaxi. Surely, you will enjoy the guidance and help. It is also safe to climb if you follow a standard walkway, and the risk occurs in only one way if you try to climb too fast or restlessly.

If we talk about the money you require to have Cotopaxi Tour, we would not be able to tell you the exact amount. It rests on the packages that tourist leaders/attendants offer. If you want to have a two days tour, then you should have $400-$500 with you, and if you want to stay for more days, then add more amount to it. Most guides/advisors offer night stays at the lodges to spend risk-free nights and has a good rest time with complete privacy. They take you from Quito to Cotopaxi volcanoes.

If you are living in Quito, then you can go to Cotopaxi National park by local bus service, as it is considered the most convenient and economical.

If you are from any other country, then opt for landing at the Quito airport because Quito is only 50km away from the Cotopaxi, and you will easily avail of the bus service to reach your destiny.

Closing words

Hopefully, you will be convinced to plan your next tour to Cotopaxi National park. But be sure that they allow you to visit because these days due to covid-19 there are restrictions for the tourists. According to the latest information, you will have to submit a negative covid-19 report of every person you are taking along with you on Cotopaxi Tour stamped/signed by a certified health care institution. Otherwise, you will not be allowed to go further.

Have great trekking tours in Ecuador. Don’t forget to share your amazing experiences with us.

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