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Top Ways Travel Apps are Making Tourism Convenient for All

Every industry has a motto to thrive by providing the best customer experience, which is also a key to customer retention. Mobile apps have brought a huge technological disruption in the market and have entirely transformed the way industries function. In order to serve better, almost every industry today is investing in mobile app development. This revolution has surely made human lives much more comfortable and enjoyable. Mobile apps have helped industries to mark their online presence and develop a stronghold in this competitive and evolving market. The tourism industry is also amongst such sectors which have shifted to mobile apps and are using them to gain momentum in the most competitive tourism sector.

Travel apps are gaining rapid popularity amongst the public. If we look back at the time before the introduction of travel apps, people used to depend entirely on travel agents. They were compelled to rely on travel agents and settle on limited facilities offered in their services. But now, the power to choose entirely lies in the hands of people as they can book by themselves as to where to go, the place to stay, tours to take while on vacation, and much more via travel apps. In this post, we will discuss travel apps and how they are making traveling more fun and carefree. So, let’s move forward and learn some vital facts about travel apps that are helping make tourism and traveling more comfortable and easy.

#1 Get all the services at one place

In earlier times, while some people relied on travel agents to book their travel, others managed to make all the travel arrangements by themselves, from flights to accommodations and everything. We had to visit booking stations of various services separately, but travel apps have mitigated these tedious jobs at once. They have provided us a single platform that brings all of these services together. According to Statista, searching for flights/accommodations and booking flights/accommodation were two main reasons behind using the travel apps. Around 64% of the respondents used the app for the former reason, whereas 52% for the latter. Checking flight status, getting boarding passes, checking into the hotels, redeeming offers and deals were also seen as the key reasons behind the usage of travel apps in the same report. Hence we can infer that most travel enthusiasts are moving to travel apps where they get almost every travel-related service conveniently. The popularity of travel apps is the key reason why more developers are looking towards travel app development.

#2 Easy bookings and cancellations

Travel apps have made it easier to find flights and compare prices offered by different airlines and hotels. Users can compare hotels based on their location, prices, services provided in the rooms, and most importantly, the reviews. These provisions help users to find the best hotel for them based on their budgets and facilities needed. Moreover, with the help of reviews and recommendations, users can learn about the hotel and the quality of services offered based on the experience of tourists. These travel apps offer hassle-free booking facilities to book any of the services, i.e., flights, accommodation, cabs, restaurants, etc. You can book any travel service in just a click and it’s equally easier for customers to cancel their bookings through travel apps. 

#3 Pocket Friendly and attractive deals

People can book travel services at lower prices through travel apps compared to the higher prices they need to shell out while booking directly through the respective brand websites. MakeMyTrip, TripAdvisor, HolidayIQ, ClearTrip, Oyo, Expedia, Trivago are some of the most used travel apps. Out of these, Trivago is a unique travel app that lists prices offered by various other travel apps for services like accommodation, flights, etc. This helps people select the proper app that gives them the best offer on a particular hotel or other services. This allows travel enthusiasts to plan their travel in the best pocket-friendly way. Many travel apps offer complete packages that include everything from transit, accommodation to sightseeing at lower prices instead of separate bookings of these services. Hence, people can reap the benefits of the best deals and more services such as complimentary breakfast and travel guides via travel apps.

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#4 Feel the place before you visit

Travel apps are popular not just because they provide hassle-free bookings and cancellations, pocket-friendly vacation packages but also because they allow you to experience the place virtually. Many travel apps use augmented reality and virtual reality, artificial intelligence to provide real-world experiences of different vacation spots to users through their smartphones. This feature allows the user to feel the place in advance and know what they will be experiencing when they visit that particular destination. App development service seekers must check the list of top mobile app development companies cataloged by GoodFirms to find the right service provider matching your needs. 

#5 Ensure safe pandemic travel and stay

Nowadays, considering the ongoing pandemic throughout the world, almost all travel apps have included the feature that lets you know whether a hotel is following Covid-19 guidelines properly or not. Moreover, some travel apps have started rating hotels based on sincerity with which a particular service provider, whether an airline or a hotel, is following the protocols. This provision allows users to refine the service they want to go forward and book by considering safety and ratings given to it based on sincerity with which the service provider is following the guidelines laid by the government. This ensures that your vacation is safe and you enjoy it with the best health.

Summing up

Travel apps have completely transformed the travel experience for tourists and have made tourism more convenient and fun. More people are moving to travel apps as it continues to emerge as the most credible and convenient way of booking accommodation, transit, and various sightseeing spots. Mobile apps have transformed almost every industry and have helped them improve customer experience and satisfaction. Similarly, travel apps have boosted the travel and tourism industry and helped tourist enthusiasts find the right pocket-friendly deals to their favorite destinations. This is how travel apps take care of the traveler’s pockets and provide a safe and memorable travel experience. 

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