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Wildlife Tours

Wildlife lovers and globetrotters look forward to new experiences with nature in the most untouched parts of the planet. Safari enthusiasts do not want to miss out on any opportunity to see wildlife around the world and in a completely new way.

Kashmir is famous not just for its festive teas, elegant gardens, lakes, and houseboats or the native cuisines; it is equally famous for its exquisite flora and fauna. Kashmir has attracted environmentalists, travel writers, and wildlife lovers, and as well as for wildlife holidays.  Thus, it is no surprise to see a rising interest in the valley of Kashmir for wildlife tours.

What makes a wildlife tour in Kashmir special is the unique joy of spotting a variety of species and interesting wildlife of this paradise state. Here are some ideas on how to plan Kashmir wildlife holidays and get the chance to see some of the unique animals and plants that can be found only in the valley.

Visit the Dachigam National Park

Dachigam National Park is truly an amazing destination for all wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers. Get ready to explore the wonderful wildlife of Kashmir within the National Park and amidst the splendor of nature. The Park has been a guarded region since 1910 and was later declared a National Park by the government.

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The tour will take you to the main tourist attractions of the valley, such as Sonmarg, Gulmarg, Pahalgam, and Srinagar. Cross the silver birch, fir, and pine trees and enjoy some sporting activities like skiing and golfing on the way and spend some peaceful moments along the side of River Lidder. Find yourself surrounded by majestic mountains, rowdy rivers, and other wonders of nature.

Highlights: Dachigam National Park is a safe haven for various species of wildlife, and it is here where you may be able to sight some rare species such as Musk Deer, Himalayan Black Bear, Bearded Vulture, and so on. Some other species to spot include Kashmir grey langur, hill fox,  jungle cat, jackal, otter, and long-tailed marmot. Bird lovers can watch out for black bulbul, golden oriole, minivet, redstart, chough, pygmy owlet, babbler, and cinnamon sparrow.

Hemis National Park

Hemis National Park is situated at a high elevation and is world-famous for its snow leopards. This is the only national park in India that lies towards the northernmost part of the Himalayas and is a protected area. It is bordered by the banks of the Indus River on the north. Take a tour of the park, which is home to several species of endangered mammals and is believed to be the largest national park in the country. Apart from being home to some rare species, it also boasts of a four-hundred-year-old Hemis Monastery.

Highlights: The Park boasts of Tibetan wolves, the Red fox, and Eurasian brown bears. Bird watching is very popular here as one can spot different species of local and migratory birds. Snow leopards can be spotted in the late winter.  Apart from those, one can sight Tibetan Sheep, Bharal, Asiatic ibex, and some mammals like mountain weasel and the mouse hare. Himalayan griffon vulture, lammergeier vulture, and the golden eagle are the noted birds of prey.

The Park houses, not just the endangered animals but is home to Tibetan Gompas. Plan a wildlife tour to the Hemis National Park for a wildlife experience and adventure e as well as to enjoy traditional homestays. A vacation here is indeed a brilliant way to spend your summers high in the mountains and get the chance to see some exclusive species that can be found only in this part of the country.

Kazinag National Park

Kazinag National Park is located in the Baramulla district and is spread across 160 sq km. Today, it is a conservation area and was formed after the clubbing of two wildlife sanctuaries.  It is one of the richest parks in the state in terms of the diversity of flora and fauna. Wildlife Trust of India surveys points out the large variety and numbers of wild animals and birds here.


The park houses some endangered species such as the Tibetan wolf, brown bears. Musk deer, Himalayan black bear, Himalayan, Kashmir flying squirrel, and snow leopards. Apart from these animals, one can spot some birds, including the golden eagle, snow pigeon, sparrow hawk, Himalayan pied kingfisher, sooty flycatcher, Kashmir red-breasted flycatcher, and more. Kazinag National Park is also famous for its butterflies, and some popular species include common red Apollo, regal Apollo, blue Apollo, meadow brown, and large tortoiseshell.

As a tourist, one can stay at the Limber Wildlife Sanctuary guest house and rent out stay in tents and sleeping bags to add more adventure to their trip. One can go for a thrilling safari experience during the day and later spend the night in the wilderness in a camp under the sky.

Kishtwar National Park and Salim Ali National Park are two other national parks that are located in Kashmir. These parks are home to numerous birds, mammals, and a variety of endangered animals. Tourists and wildlife lovers flock to these parks to spot Hangul and numerous migratory birds. They can also engage in adventure activities like trekking and camping. Salim Ali National Park is named after the famous Indian Ornithologist Salim Ali.

 What makes a wildlife tour in Kashmir so is that one can enjoy an incredible experience as they spot a variety of species within this paradise state. Enjoy the biodiversity of Kashmir, and do not miss the chance to see some endangered species of wild animals. One can customize their wildlife tour as per their budget and preferences and spend time in the company of some rare animals. Enjoy the pristine beauty of nature and try to spot all those exclusive and endangered small and large species that inhabit here.

Go ahead and plan an exclusive wildlife tour to any of the above-listed parks and enjoy spotting the rare and native wildlife.

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